AgEnviro Team | Rex Sullings

Rex Sullings not only has designed hundreds of irrigation systems but also worked as irrigation contractor for over 20 years.

Rex is a certified irrigation designer that has surveyed, assessed, designed and scheduled irrigation and/or provided advice for more than 200 playing fields (including Belmore Oval), 10 golf courses, 2 botanical gardens, 200 residential houses and 50 recreational parks (including Barangaroo). He was also an assessor for the Love Your Garden and ACT Irrigation Smart programs.

Rex was an irrigation contractor for over 20 years and was involved in the installation of irrigation systems for more than:

  • 150 Sporting complexes
  • 20 Golf Courses
  • 10 Race Courses
  • 50 Recreational parks and garden complexes
  • 250 residential properties

His work has demonstrated that the long-held industry standard “head to head” design results in uneven watering about 90% the time. Rex was recently involved in setting benchmark for best practice irrigation design and installation.