AgEnviro Team | Paul Lamble

Paul Lamble has extensive experience in local government and the delivery of water savings and sports field improvement projects.

Paul was responsible for providing technical advice for setting water restrictions, conditions and exemptions for Hunter Water. He has performed economic comparisons of sports field construction methods and was recently engaged to write a best practice guide for sporting fields in the lower Hunter.

In addition to being a certified irrigation designer and water efficiency specialist, as a Council employee Paul developed and delivered major sporting field projects (over $4 million total), including:

  • 26 designs and technical specifications for new irrigation systems
  • 18 irrigation systems installations
  • 10 irrigation system efficiency improvement projects
  • 7 sports field reconstruction projects
  • Procurement, installation and operation of a Central Irrigation Control system
  • Procurement, installation and operation of smart (digital) water metering/monitoring program
  • The Lake Macquarie Sports Field Improvement Program won the 2016 Australian Water Association NSW Branch Program Innovation Award.

In addition to his PhD in geospatial science and salinity risk modelling, Paul has a background in commerce and science. Paul is focused on overcoming the amenity challenges associated with changing climate, rising use and reduced resources.